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Mobile Application Development | HMC-soft | Quality Technology Solutions
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Mobile Applications
by HMC-soft


Mobilize Your Workforce

Enable your team to do their job, no matter where they are. We can create the perfect application for your business. Now your Sales team can update their leads on the go or your team can get notifications of new work items when they aren't at their desk.

Woman using a cellphone during a sunset


We do Games too!

Leveraging the incredible power of the Unity™ Platform we can create the game of your dreams. We know what we're doing, we already have several games under our belt. Need even more power or have special requirements? We can also create your game from scratch, using more powerful cross platform tools like Xamarin™.


We can help you subsidize the cost of developing your game and turn a profit by monetizing the game. Playing games is our favorite hobby and we have a lot of experience with what strategy for monetization works and what doesn't. Unobtrusive advertising, premium content and currency rewards for watching videos don't just bring money to the table, they can actually help you engage with your players.

Screenshot showing gameplay of Dr Mudballs Laboratory


Our Advantages

The Right Technology

Our knowledge of multiple technologies gives us a broader base to draw from. This in turn benefits you, our customer, by giving us the ability to choose an appropriate technology with which to build your software to your specifications. For example, we have used Unity™, C#, and Java among several others in past application projects.

The Right Tools for the job

We use some of the most powerful tools in the industry (including some proprietary ones) so our job is easier and lets us focus on what is important, you.

The Right Partners

Sometimes it is who you know, so we have partnered with some of the best companies in the industry to ensure the best service. As an example; we are constantly trying new Ad Networks and monetization schemes so that we know what works and what pays.

Quality at Affordable Prices

We know every project is different and we would love to give you a quote for your project. Mobile application differ from traditional desktop and web software projects and the best approach we've found is to release apps early and iterate new features in on a regular schedule. This is great for multiple reasons as it is very budget friendly and allows users to become fans of your app and start buying or watching ads early.

REAL Support

We're here for you 24 hours a day to resolve any issues that may come up with our affordable support contracts. Plus we'll make sure that everything is up to date and secured to prevent problems before they happen.

Group of people at work standing


Our Process


We take the time to get to know each and every customer, which helps us to better understand your goals and challenges, and also helps us deliver your product to your target audience. Stages in this step include:

  • Determining your business' goal and objectives.
  • Determine the software requirements.
  • Determining if available Open Source software can be modified to fit business needs.


Here we design not only the visual aspect of your program, but also how it interacts with your data and what form that information takes. This step is very important as it leads to an efficient program that can scale to your future needs.

  • Evaluate information architectures.
  • Wire frame design and test software flow.


This is where it really gets fun! Here is where we come up with the best solutions for all the functionality you need.


This step of the process is arguably the most important. At this stage, we ensure that everything works correctly and meets all business requirements. We focus heavily on testing all code to make certain there is no undocumented behavior.


Finally, all documentation is gathered and formatted for future use. We can also prepare training materials at this stage so your staff or users understand the new software.

Writing on paper with a blue pen


Your company or product information is just as important to us as it is to you. We will gladly sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before discussing your project if you would like. Even if you don't need an NDA, we still value your information and will never release any information without your permission (unless required to by law).

Connect with us below to request your FREE quote!