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Who We Are


Ebben Feagan

Founder, Lead Developer and Technician

Ebben has been passionate about computers and technology since he was a child. He loves to solve hard problems and make complex things easy enough for anyone to do. Ebben is a voracious Science Fiction fan and loves spending time with his beautiful wife and chunky puppies.

You can follow him directly on Twitter as @sir_mud or check out his personal blog, The Brainernet.

Ebben Feagan


Dave Stanley

Lead Game Developer and Dog Enthusiast

Dave leads a tranquil life in South-Eastern Kansas with his loving wife and their 3 children. He taught himself computer science so he could make games, then taught himself 3D modelling so he could make better games. Pictured is his best friend, Percy. Dave loves to travel and has been to the US East Coast and Canada so far.

Dave's Best Friend


What We Offer


Highly Performant &
Visually Stunning Websites

Studies have shown that you have less than a second to leave an impression on a visitor to your site. Even in this age of ultra fast internet connections many people will still visit your site from a slow mobile internet connection. How can you leave an impression when the page hasn't even loaded? Learn how we can make you a lightning fast page that leads to more conversions.

Woman using a cellphone


Custom Business Apps

You could be throwing money in the trash with inefficient business practices. We will work with your staff to identify opportunities for automation and improved efficiency. Move on from Excel™ and Access™ to a real application that can grow with and accelerate your business.

Computers communicating with a server


Mobile Applications

Do you have a mobile workforce that has to come in to the office just to do paperwork? Have an idea for the next killer app? We can build you the app of your dreams.

Person using a cellphone to take a picture


Local Computer Support
and Training in
Northeast Oklahoma

Whether you need support for your business or home computers we're here for you. We believe in fair upfront pricing and hate surprise charges as much as the next guy so you won't find them here. Let us teach you how to effectively and efficiently operate your devices. We're ready to handle solo and group training. Learn more about our support and training options.

Map of Northeastern Oklahoma


Our Software

We don't just do work for our clients. We also make our own projects and we have a selection of Android Applications and other software to showcase. See all the software we have built.

Binary numbers displayed on a large screen