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Dr Mudball's Laboratory

The Story

Dr. Mudball, a well respected quantum physicist, was recently working late in his laboratory when he made an astounding discovery. He found an entirely new particle of matter, holding an immense amount of energy! Determined not to let his discovery fall into the wrong hands, Dr. Mudball has taken it upon himself to learn everything possible about the mysterious "bustrons" and to learn how to safely tap into their incredible power. Join the "good" doctor in the laboratory to identify the numerous types of "bustrons" and use the containment devices called "stabilizers" to do science for the greater good of humanity!

Action shot from the game

Game Modes

  • Classic: This mode features high scoring, power-ups, and more bustrons than you can shake a stick at.

  • Hardcore Classic: Similar to classic mode but without power-ups and adding additional bustrons per level. You're going to have to really earn every single point!

Other Features

Compete with your friends and the public (if you wish) for the highest score in all modes of game play thanks to Google Play Games. We also have several achievements for you to find and earn, with more planned soon.

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Please note this application is primarily supported by unobtrusive advertisements. We are working on an in-game option to pay to remove the advertisements and will have it ready soon. We hate bad/inappropriate ads just as much as you do! If you see one, please take a screen-shot and gather as much information as you can, then tell us about it using one of the support options below.
Thank you.


Storage - Store larger files where there is more room.
Internet Access - Deliver advertisements and future features.
Phone Identity - Identify for advertisements and billing.
Billing - Required for Google Play billing. (future feature)
Receive SMS - Used by some billing systems we will support in the future.

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I'll Get To It

I'll Get To It is a simple, minimalistically beautiful and customizable app to help you manage your todo lists quickly and efficiently. Emphasis is placed on ease of use rather than a plethora of seldom used features that only serve to make the app larger and therefor take up more space.
It provides two side by side pages:

  • Today for today's tasks.

  • I'll Get To It for future tasks.

Screenshot of the app

Get Stuff Done

As you complete tasks you may mark them as Done. You can then either manually delete them or wait and they will automatically be deleted at midnight. You may also choose to lock a task, keeping it on your list until you unlock it, or simply set a task aside for tomorrow. Every morning you will find all uncompleted tasks in the TODAY page. You can setup a notification to remind you of unfinished tasks in the Settings. There is also the option to color code each task, making it even easier to stay organized and on track!

Screenshot of the app 2

Personalize It

Several widget sizes/options are available so you can know at a glance what you have left to do!

The Pro version of I'll Get To It does not have advertisements. This version also receives updates before the Free version and comes with additional fonts and more extras to come!

Free Version

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Paid Version

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Open Source Software

We love creating and contributing to Open Source Software! Come collaborate with us on GitHub


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